Branching out…trying something new…BOUDOIR!

Alright…I know I had this crazy thought.  Why isn’t there any Boudoir Photographers in my area? WAIT….Why don’t I TRY it!!

It’s a growing trend…and the more I read about it, the more appealing I felt it was. Why not let women be super model sexy for a day? Most women are Moms, most women have low self confidence….why not change that if I can- at least for 1 day and give them something they can look back at when they are 40.

I’m not talking about raunchy tasteless photos of a girl laying around naked. I’m talking about that inner beauty that we all know that we have, we just need to find it and rediscover it.  You know what I’m talking about…the times your boyfriend or your husband says “wow you look beautiful”…and you look back at them while standing in your pjs, no makeup, face not washed, hair up in a messy bun and you just laugh and think hes crazy?  Well he sees something that you don’t. Your real inner beauty!

I’m not asking for you to wake up and let me photograph you in the morning….but to get dolled up with lipstick like we did when we were little girls and curl our hair, wearing things that we find beautiful…it changes your attitude and your confidence level.   Then finally seeing even the UN-edited photos of ourselves and we ask “is that really me?”….it’s unbelievable to see the express of a women when I show her the shot on the back of my camera and they cannot believe it’s really them 🙂


Here are a few quick shots of Megan. She is super confident already in HER skin and the goods that she was blessed with. She wanted to have fun with her shoot and give her fiance a little eye candy gift that they will always have to look back at 🙂


Watch for my new facebook page that is strictly for Boudoir photography only.  If you do book a session with me you are NOT obligated to have me show your photos online. They can be private and nobody sees them except you 🙂


Thanks for reading 🙂


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