First REAL Wedding I photographed…and they trusted me!

First REAL Wedding I photographed...and they trusted me!

I have been inspired to start a blog…I guess of my life and of my photography experiences. If this is dumb or doesn’t work…thank Jasmine Star….she is the push behind all that I do as I look up to her for guidance and inspiration lately 🙂 So here it goes….We will start at the beginning.

This photograph was from one of my very first weddings I ever shot on my own! My hubby was my 2nd shooter and boy did I need him! We traveled all the way to Traverse City, MI to photograph Amanda and Shawn’s wedding and we stayed up there for a few nights after. The bride was a few months pregnant and look amazing! Funny thing, what we didn’t know at the time was that I was abour 3-4 weeks pregnant when photographing this wedding!

What a beautiful day it was! They rented a home on the water for the ceremony and for family and friends to stay at. It was so beautiful and I felt so in over my head. We had tons of fun but I strived for the best photos possible. I remember I probably watched over 48 hours worth of wedding photography tutorials on youtube so that I had as much info in my mind as possible. I ordered books, stalked other photographers pages for inspirations and poses. well….I still do to this day! haha.

It was an amazing wedding and looking back I’m still very proud of the beautiful shots I was able to get. We had a great time and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it.


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