My name is Amanda Woods. I’m a photographer from Amanda Catherine Photography.


But I wasn’t always a photographer. Before that I was a daughter, a sister, now a wife and aunt and a mother.  I’m a proud mommy to a little boy named Drayden. He has certainly heightened my passion for photographing and preserving memories.

I would not be able to strive for my passion if it was not for my husband, Chris. He has always encouraged me and pushed me along in the right direction towards becoming a better photographer. He works very hard and has a great job which allows me to stay home with Drayden and work on the side with my photography business. It really lets me do sessions and weddings on the weekends and sometimes on weekdays.

Weddings continue to be my favorite to photograph. They are very challenging and the most rewarding in the end. I’m constantly on my toes and striving to be better and better. I constantly look up to Jasmine Star as my idol of inspiration. She is a strong women who started out small like me and is now one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world in only a few years. She has true talent.

I’m starting this blog, lets see where it will take me!


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