Happy to Announce Easter Mini Sessions!

I have never done a Mini Session yet, so I really wanted to try and see how it goes.  Gives people a chance to get in and out quick at a low cost and gives me something to shoot!!

For the photo ad I post on facebook, I wanted my little guy to be the model, and I finally got him to smile!  Please don’t mind his shoes, they are ugly I know!  The cute tan dress shoes I wanted him to wear- were too small!! He grows too fast!


Easter Minis filled up a lot last night, and if I have over 2 more people who want to sign up I might have to think about reserving another date for the next weekend! Exciting as I didn’t know if it would work or not.

Well…tomorrow could make or break me. I have been inspired a lot lately and also discouraged.  Tomorrow we are FINALLY meeting at a store front space with the owner and seeing what we have to do to get into the studio and lease it out!  It is a VERY large space and I’m hoping to get a good deal for it, I’m so scared to not be able to afford it….what if I don’t get clients, what more equipment do I need to buy in order to run a bigger studio and keep the quality, how much will the signs costs…ahhhhh.  If all goes as planned in my little mind….I would love to be able to do the Easter Minis in the new studio, who knows.  We will see!

So Chris and I are dropping Drayden off at my Moms so we are toddler free to go talk business 🙂  Drayden is staying the night, so Chris and I have the evening to ourselves! Wish us luck!